About Us

Lantern Productions (named after the famous Lantern tower; of Ely Cathedral's Octagon) was created from an 'after Evensong conversation' between Sean Farrell assistant organist at the time and Richard Clover bass layclerk back in 1998. They found that they both had the same passion and desire to establish a reputable recording company;. Beginning with in house and local recordings, they soon branched out further in the UK and now Europe.

Since 1998 Lantern Productions has grown into a well established, reputable company, producing quality recordings for customers world-wide. We pride ourselves in capturing your sound as heard by 'the human ear', using a single multi channel microphone placed in the optimum position, feeding the results directly into a digital recorder.

We pride ourselves in the technical quality of our recordings, as well as in the manufacturing and production process - receiving favourable comments and reviews from our clients and the general public. The same techniques used in our commercial work are also used when making private recordings, for which we are repeatedly commissioned by schools, choirs and other organisations to make.

We hope that you will find our services competitive? An outline of all our charges is also available. If you require further more detailed information on what we do, our charges, or you just want an informal chat about a proposed project, then, please contact us.

'But what appeals most are the performances and the recoding. Whitehead has an instinctive feel for this repertoire and a technique to match. The crisp voicing and attack of the splendid organ in Auxerre Cathedral is likewise more than equalled by the sophistication of the recording.'