Location Recording Charges

Listed below are our standard charges for recording on location. If you would like to discuss any special requirements or additions then please contact us

Sesion Recording Charges

Location recording session (maximum of 3 hours per session)
Engineer - £100 per hour Producer - £100 per hour

Digital Editing Charges

£20 per hour up to a maximum of 10 hours after which a flat fee of £250 is payable

Large Run Production Charges

Production Costs for ± 250 CD (small run)
Production Costs for 500 CD
Production Costs for 1000 CD
Production Costs for 1000+ CD

Administration Charges

Administration costs, all artwork for 16 page (maximum) booklet - colour front and back pages - black & white all other pages, tray card (all content / photographs supplied by customer) and Transfer to Exabyte Master
Administration costs, Transfer to Exabyte Master, but all artwork ready for production supplied by the client in one of the following formats: (All versions are supported) Quark Express, Adobe In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat and Macromedia Freehand
(If your software is not listed it may still be possible to supply your own artwork on disc. To do this your software must be able to export the image files in CMYK, tiff or eps formats. Artwork supplied in these formats is subject to additional laying out charges)
MCPS (1)

Payment Details

  • Please note our terms are strictly 30 days.
  • All Exabite masters become the property of the client after the final payment, but are held by Lantern Productions (for future re-runs) unless otherwise requested in writing.

(1) A licence granted by MCPS under the AP2 scheme for the manufacture and distribution of audio products (CDs / LPs) for retail sale to the public for private use is granted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the AP2 agreement.
NMP is a joint venture between MCPS and the Danish society NCB.

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