Choral Evensong for St Andrew's Day

Choral Evensong for St Andrew's Day

Recorded in May 1999 this recording re-creates Evensong as sung at Rochester on the 1 December the feast day of St Andrew the Apostle. The Girls' Choir and Layclerks of Rochester Cathedral are directed by Sean Farrell with Roger Sayer at the organ. This was Lantern Productions first commercially released CD.

Compact Disc
Ref LPCD1 Commercial Recording


  • WHITLOCK Salis from "Plymouth Suite"
  • STANFORD Justorum Animae Listen
  • ROSE Preces
  • PSALM 96 (chant: R Ashfield) Listen
  • PSALM 121 (chant: B Rose)
  • PSALM 150 (chant: T Attwood)
  • NOBLE Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in B minor Listen
  • ROSE Responses
  • ASHFIELD The Fair Chivalry Listen
  • JESUS CALLS US! (tune: St Andrew)
  • STANFORD Te Deum in B flat
  • STANFORD Fantasia and Toccata

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