Technical Equipment

Lantern Productions uses only broadcast standard equipment.


Soundfield SPS422B microphone system

Soundfield SPS422B microphone system capable of recording in 5:1 surround sound.
Marantz PMD570 Solid State Digital Recorder.
Tascam MD350 MD Recorder Digital backup to the PMD570.
Coulson Talkback system Custom-made incorporating take counter system, talkback speaker complete with single red cue-light.

Samson Audio Servo 170
power amplifier.
Tannoy Reveal nearfield monitor speakers.
Beyer DT100 Headphones.


Soundscape SSHDR16 - 16 track DAW.
Hewlett Packard compaq dc7700p Convertible Core 2 2.4GHz PC, Windows XP pro.
Denon SC-M5K monitor speakers.
HHB CDR830 BurnIT, Pro CD Recorder. CD mastering with track indexing and CD Text display.
Tascam DA30 MkII DAT Recorder.
Tascam CD701 CD player
Toshiba R30-A Laptop Windows 10 pro.
Adobe Audition CC 2015 Editing Software.