They that go down the Sea

They that go down to the sea

This recording from Ely Cathedral is a sequel to the hugely popular 'Will your Anchor hold' CD. Ely Cathedral Choir. Director of Music - Paul Trepte. Assistant Organist - Scott Farrell. Piano - Paul Trepte. Once again it was funded by the Anglia division of the RNLI.

Compact Disc
Ref Clovelly CLCD12601 Commercial Release


  • They that go down the the sea in ships - Sumsion Listen
  • Four Songs for Sailors - Dyson
  • To the Thames
  • Where lies the land
  • Sea music
  • A wet sheet and a flowing sea Listen
  • Sea Fever - Ireland
  • Swansea Town - arr Holst
  • The Golden Vanity - Britten
  • The Ships of Arcady - Head
  • Five English Folksongs - V Williams
  • The dark eyed sailor
  • The springtime of the year
  • Just as the tide was flowing
  • The lover's Ghost
  • Wassail song
  • The Sea of Faith - Hemingway Listen

Available from Ely Cathedral Bookshop & Clovelly Recordings CLCD12601

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