The Gateway of Heaven

The Gateway of Heaven

Paul Trepte (Director of Music, Ely) describes this CD as a 'choral statement of what Cathedrals are all about'. The heavenly experience recorded in both the Cathedral and the Lady Chapel is delivered in a carefully chosen programme of familiar pieces ideally captured by William Harris in the two anthems 'Faire is the heaven' and 'Bring us O Lord God'

Compact Disc
Ref LPCD18 Commercial Release


  • BAINTON And I saw a new heaven
  • TREPTE The Gateway of heaven Listen solo: R Clover
  • NARES The souls of the righteous
  • HARRIS Faire is the heaven Listen
  • HARRIS Bring us O Lord God
  • STANFORD Justorum animae
  • BAIRSTOW Lord thou hast been our refuge Listen
  • TOMKINS I heard a voice from heaven
  • GRAY What are these that glow from afar
  • HARVEY God is our refuge
  • BRAHMS How lovely are thy dwellings

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